Attack of The Ateneo 400 and Historical Revisionism

MANILA: History matters. But it must be intelligent history, or one that makes good sense in the present. Simply, "History is a story about the past that is significant and true," says Gutenberg College President David Crabtree ("The Importance of History," Gutenberg College, It must be substantial, and it must be factual.

Writing of history, 412 teachers of Ateneo de Manila have condemned Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos for whatever, and I have much to say against that history. But before I do that, to spare you the trouble, I must remind you of the reality of the Solid North. You will want to know about me; I must tell you that while Bongbong is half-blood, I am a full-blooded Ilocano from Asingan, Pangasinan – my grandfather Graciano came from Rosario, La Union. I am a UP Cow College graduate (1965); I am a self-taught creative writer with a fiercely independent mind; I got a UP grade of 1 in Western Thought because I love arguing;…

Ateneo, UP, La Salle: We Need More English

MANILA: Ed Quisumbing, Filipino, has been eating English for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last few decades, working as a staff of the World Bank in the United States. He graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) Los Baños when it was still the cow college, UP College of Agriculture. He is retired, as far as I know. And now he is busy on Facebook, among other preoccupations. He was eating vegetables the last time I saw him, about 40 years ago, when I edited something for him. Today, Sunday, 28 February 2016, I read his post midnight last night, saying, "Ateneo, UP, La Salle" and linking the reader to on "3 PH universities among world's best English-teaching schools" by Tarra Quismundo ( There, I learned that Ateneo ranked #24, UP #32, and La Salle #44. I told myself, "UP is 2nd, not bad." (Image from Learn English Forum,

Ed Q is a UP Los Baños alumnus, just as I am. U…

Vision, Not Division: One State, One Spirit, One Struggle

MANILA: Last year, on 11 October 2015, I wrote, "Why Leni Is My VP," saying (A Magazine Called Love, "Leni believes in marriage between a man and a woman under the Roman Catholic Church – and there are no equal rights there! (No, there are not even equal hugs.)" But I changed my mind a few days ago, 4 months later, and now I'm going to tell you why Leni is no longer my VP. That was when Leni Robredo said she favored same-sex marriage after Manny Pacquiao had compared the same-sex people "making love" as beastier than beast – "masahol pa sa hayop" is what he said. Note: Pacman was condemning the sin, not the sinner.

I agreed with Manny; I disagreed with Leni. I had misread Leni Robredo, or did she change her mind just to get votes from the LGBTs? For going public against the tide favoring special rights for LGBTs, Manny Pacquiao became my #1 Senator. (For more on Pacman by me, see "The Incredible Manny Pacquiao," 16 …

The Son Also Rises!

MANILA: The Philippines this week is celebrating the restoration of democracy some 30 years after Martial Law, but many "who suffered through the Marcos dictatorship tremble with anger at slow justice and the stunning political ascent of the late strongman's heir," says Joel Guinto (23 February 2016,

On one hand, members of SELDA, the association of former detainees during Ferdinand Marcos' Martial Law years, have vowed "to stop the return to Malacañang of Ferdinand Marcos Jr, whose father turned the country into a dictatorship until his ouster in 1986," says Guinto.

On the other hand, veteran "Investigative journalist and award-winning political blogger Raissa Robles has a new book that tackles the atrocities committed by the Marcos regime," says ANN (author not named, 23 February 2016,

The SELDA campaign and Raissa's work both want the same result, as the title of Raissa's book puts it bluntly: Marcos Mar…

Debates Debatable

MANILA: Did you watch the PiliPinas Debate? I did not. Did you pay attention?

Ellen Tordesillas said, "Grace Poe took the first presidential debate" (
Rappler said, " PiliPinas 2016 Debate: Round 1 goes to Mar Roxas" (
Rappler said, " Rappler polls: Duterte consistent winner, Binay consistent loser" (

We have 3 winners of the PiliPinas Debate!

That of course is crazy, as I thought the debate would be. But that is not the thinking of the Movement for Good Governance, in whose Scorecard Roxas rated #1 (13 pt) in being Effective, Ethical and Empowering – Grace Poe was #2 (10 pt) ( I think that's not crazy; that's insane – Q&A can only measure Intelligence, and if you claim otherwise, you just don't have it.

The name PiliPinas is clever. Pili means choose or choice, Pinas means the Philippines (so does Pilipinas). You can say PiliPinas means The Philippines' Choice.

My choi…

The Invincible Manny Pacquiao

MANILA: The image above is from The Guardian (online) of 18 February 2016 and has this caption: "Manny Pacquiao attacked gay marriage earlier this week" (Bryan Armen Graham, And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only sensible statement I have read so far in online media this week. Nota Bene: Pacman attacked gay marriage – not Pacman attacked the gays. Why can't people, including long-time journalist Ellen Tordesillas, differentiate? I salute the caption-maker of The Guardian!

Only the caption-maker. Because the rest of the opinion piece by Graham is just like that of the rest of you, this one saying underneath the title of his piece, "The Filipino champion's remarks show he is a man so ignorant he doesn't understand the impact of his own words." And I posted as comment on the Guardian's page: "You are the ignorant one, Bryan Armen Graham. I am writing a long piece on this one." And here it is.

First of all, Bryan Armen …

Their BrainPlus IQ Versus My Brain Plus QI

MANILA: Drinking a pill of BrainPlus IQ, does Leonardo DiCaprio have an added brain? Addled is more like it. Befuddled, bewildered. They don't make brains like they used to anymore.

I have just read on Facebook that Leonardo DiCaprio has been taking a pill that enhances the brain, and it's called BrainPlus IQ, by BrainPlus IQ of course (My Film Works,; that link will lead you to CNN. Chris Perry, 17 February 2016, CNN, On top of the CNN webpage, it reads, "SPECIAL REPORT: Leonardo DiCaprio Opens Up About A Brain Enhancing 'Miracle Pill' That Doctors Are Calling 'Viagra For The Brain.'"

Christ Perry quotes ultra-exuberant Gary Stix as saying BrainPlus IQ is "the missing link in human evolution" and that it is "turbocharging the brain."

DiCaprio said that his "unbeatable work ethic and creativity" were in fact the product of "a brain-enhancing pill," which is BrainPlus IQ. DiCaprio sa…